Moringa is one of the most nutritious and useful plants in the world. Moringa seeds and trees are available for FREE at solTERRA Wellness and Bliss Store in downtown Palm Harbor, Florida. $5 donations are welcome.


Moringa, known as “The Tree of Life” has leaves that are  high in many vitamins and minerals and one of only a few plants in the world that has all of the essential amino acids (proteins) that your body does not create on its own.  The fresh leaves can be eaten raw, cooked, or dried.  The leaves can be air dried in about 3 days and ground into a powder that is a potent source of vitamins, protein, and minerals(providing the minerals exist in the ground where the tree is growing in).  I think of it as a multi-vitamin on a tree!

The tree  produces flowers which change to pods containing seeds which are about 40% oil and can be pressed for a high quality, nutritious oil great for cooking, natural cosmetics, massage oils, soaps and many other products. The oil also has up to a 5 year shelf life which makes it excellent for fine machinery with small moving parts. Bio-fuels are also being developed from these little seeds.

Water Purification

The seed cake whether you mash fresh seeds or use the leftovers after pressing the oil, is a coagulant and a floculant and can be used to purify water.  In fact, commercial applications for this are in final stages of development for large-scale water treatment facilities.

Moringa Oleifera Tree Seedlings

These are the seedlings that we give away to our local community here in Palm Harbor, Florida.  We are passionate about empowering ourselves and those around us to become more self sufficient.  Growing and using a tree like Moringa Oleifera is a great way to take care of yourself and your loved ones.  We do also offer dried powder for sale to those that would refer that.  Moringa Powder is available at our shop and at Green Virgin Products, a local company based out of Tampa, Florida.  We are an affiliate of theirs, so we do receive a commission check from purchases you make on their site after clicking the link.

Moringa Leaf Powder

Get Your Own High Quality Moringa Leaf Powder from Green Virgin Products, a local company based out of Tampa, FL

We utilize our own homegrown Moringa on a daily basis many different ways. If you can’t reasonably grow your own, a great alternative is to use dried moringa leaf powder that you can add to your meals. Green Virgin Products is a great local company that offers a range of Moringa products.

Would you like to recieve a Moringa Tree? Contact us to schedule a time to pick one up.

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