Ok so you can send us a requested time to meet in person, or on zoom to go over your free wellness consults so we can create together a monthly Wellness Plan. Please email solterracenter@gmail.com or call 727-330-1339 now.

Once you have received this support you can come back to this page as needed to remind yourself how to do your own wellness plans monthly for life!


Are you ready for your keys back to your wellness?

Ok this video is to educate you on how to do a self muscle testing for your wellness, products to use, and how to use them plan. You will need to be standing up facing north, hydrated and begin by working with 3 test statements:

YES/FORWARD                  NO/BACKWARDS                    CLARIFY/SIDE TO SIDE

  1. I am ________(your name).
  2. I am clear.
  3. I am moving forward.
  4. Once you are moving forward/yes on all 3 statements, you are ready to ask your body which wellness solutions are best for you.
  5. Best to have the Modern Essentials Book in hand, or app.

Short Tutorial for Free Consult and Guidance Contact HERE

Download a Wellness Plan Worksheet here: Wellness-Plan-1-2

Step 9: Classes