How do  you want to play with doTERRA?

You can simply LIVE the products, and use them with reverence and consistent ways.

You can go a step further and get your oils paid for by paying it forward to others who would also benefit from having natural solutions in their homes, and SHARE doTERRA.

Lastly you can BUILD with doTERRA to create a side income to supplement or a full time income to replace current income sources.

All 3 ways may attract you at the perfect time, we want to make sure you know that there are many ways to work with doTERRA.

So choose your pathway and we will serve you at that level, and the others when you ever feel a pull let us know.

——Type of support given by us at each level——–


*Texting support for quick suggestions

*Wellness Coaching


*2 Wellness Plans

*Customer Services Assistant

*Be added to a private shareTERRA Facebook Group

(Please know if you simply want to LIVE with doTERRA, we love this route and look forward to empowering you with tools to care for self and family asap)


**We will come educate and share oil experiences with your friends, family, or community

**Hostess Gifts

**Pay for your oils through sharing commissions

**Share any needed samples with your friends

**All that comes with LIVE of course



***Weekly Mentoring

***Group Team Call

***Added to buildTERRA Facebook Group to expand in biz education, trainings on live FB, and learn from others doing the biz

***Quarterly Training’s and Retreats as you advance in rank

Ok so now lets get you to next step and go over how to use the oils and products topically, aromatically, and internally.

Make sure to also get asap either the book or ap of MODERN ESSENTIALS!

Step 7: Uses