Elasa Tiernan SHF, RM, OT

Elasa’s deep passion to see all beings truly know what wellness means and entails, as well as her knowing that we are in a time where more practitioners of all ways are ready to assist their tribes with soul awakening tools and techniques, and to be able to truly empower others to walk in their own light and inner guidance. This passion has bloomed into the current SO(u)L School Master’s in Soul Healing Programs, and calling in all others who are ready to carry the torch of their own light to unite a beautiful new earth grid that supports the whole, and honors the earth, the sun, and all of creation as ONE. Those who are called stand UP.

About Elasa

Daniel Sherbs

Daniel offers Sunday Bowl Service, where 8 Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are in service to you and the community.  Come and feel the profound effects of these sound crystal vibrations.  These Bowls are profound instruments of the Divine and are highly effective at assisting in healing, awakening, and deepening the connection to Self.

All about Kay Schrems

At a young age I was a seeker of higher wisdom. Being one of five children helped me to develop my “observer” skills.  Through being a quiet soul observer I came to have a great telepathic communication with my higher self .  The wisdom that I gathered and stored for my growth has given me my gift to help others.

$111 an hour – session helps someone heal through mindful thinking and speaking patterns . I guide you to awaken to who you truly are.

Check out Kay Blog Posts called Post-thot

Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson is the creator of Kai Chi Do, a form of meditation through movement.  Kai Chi Do means Free Energy Way.  It combines movement, music and breath to release resistance so that Life Energy can flow freely.  Charles has provided Kai Chi Do for thousands of groups and has trained instructors who teach Kai Chi Do nationwide.  Charles is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and the former Clinical Director of Alternative Treatment International in Clearwater, Florida.  His work focuses on helping people restore their feeling of Connection to Source, Self and others. Charles holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in Education from Seton Hall University.  In addition to teaching Kai Chi Do, Breathwork and Meditation groups at SolTerra, Charles offers individual and couples coaching at East West Healing Solutions in Palm Harbor, Florida and online.  Learn more about Charles at www.kaichido.com and http://www.meetup.com/Kai-Chi-Do/


Carmella Y. Watts

Evolutionary Astrologer (Teacher)

Level 3 Reiki Master

doTERRA Essential OIls Wellness Advocate

Certified Health Coach

Christine Shand

Offering NES BioField

I am so thrilled to have connected with NES Health and their work with bioenergetics because after years of taking prescribed medications to treat my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I no longer have to take pills to feel awake and alert. I have found the natural remedy I had always wanted! It has literally worked wonders for me and bioenergetics can work for you too!

If you haven’t heard of BioEnergetics you are not alone. If you are looking for alternative ways to improve your health and well-being then you may want to consider having a biofield scan done.  In simple terms bioenergetics determines how energy in our body flows and detects where in our body might we improve the energy flow to promote healing. The scan is painless and harmless and takes less than 30 seconds by placing your hand on a device.  Currently I am only seeing clients in Florida, but I look forward to expanding to other areas soon.

In addition to being a Bioenergetics Facilitator I am also a doTERRA Essential Oils Advocate and will often recommend oils to assist with healing and increase one’s overall well-being.  Essential oils are an excellent homeopathic tool and the synergy of oils and bioenergetics is amazing.

To schedule an appointment call or text me at 727-303-5461.  Feel free to also visit my website at www.inugowellness.com

Andria’s open heart has guided her into learning and experiencing many healing modalities for her own self-care and personal development which has translated into more tools to use with her clients. She is fascinated on how the brain works and it led her to be passionate on assisting others’ transform their energetic debris and programs.

She embraces the infinite possibilities around her in this lifetime and carries that eternal all flowing energy to each of her clients.

Andria is certified in Soul Healing, Reiki, Aroma Touch Technique and offers other holistic healing with Sacred Crystal Code readings, natural wellness solutions and more.
Soul Session $88

Aroma Touch/Reiki $60

Sacred Crystal Code Readings 1 card = $20 3 card = $40

Julie Hewitt-Cobourne

Julie is an Essential Oil Wellness Advocate, a Certified Angel Card Reader, a Soul Healer, as well as Certified in Reading the Akashic Records. She specializes in intuitive card readings.

Julie works with many modalities, such as Body Kinesiology(muscle testing), Crystals, Pendulums and Law of attraction.

She knew at a very young age that she “just knew” things to be true. It is her passion to help all that come into her life, to use their power to live more mindful and enlightened lives.

LaDonna Paulette

I’ve always been drawn to energy and intuition, and my inner world is far more fascinating to me.  Growing up, my dreamtime was lucid and full of color. I remember little, flashing lights visiting me as a child by my bedside at night.  I had a life-altering dream, years ago, that changed my paradigm.  I was visited by a group of Pleiadians, and knew this connection would continue to grow if I nurtured it. Journaling has helped with this communication, and my desire is to be a clear channel for this work. Having experienced several “jobs” along the way, I came to the conclusion that I needed to follow my passion. My life literally changed when I joined the metaphysical community.

I met Elasa through a series of Soul Sessions, that accelerated my journey.  I’ll be taking the SolTerra MentorSHIP program in Feb/March, and very excited to learn more from this amazing woman. The program includes all four levels of Soul Healing, as well as many more classes to add to my offerings here.  My current offering at solTerra will be Blue Light Intuitive Sessions with LaDonna.  The Blue Light is my connection to the Pleiadians.  I’ll be drawing a few cards at the beginning of session, to facilitate a focal point.  During the session, I’ll also be applying a light touch application of doTerra essential oils.

My goal is to facilitate whatever healing is needed, and to honor the process with integrity and love. Very excited to begin my journey here, and grateful for the incredible energy at solTerra; it’s magical and very high vibe. Elasa has chosen a special team, and I’m so proud to be a part of this bright light in our community. I feel as if I’ve come home.  I look forward to meeting all of you special souls. YOU ARE LOVED!

Follow LaDonna Blog as she shares her journey at solTERRA SO(u)L School Master’s in Soul Healing.

Tatika Pollifrone LMT, SHF, Reiki Master

Hello, I’m so happy to “meet” you! For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to help heal others and offer them a safe respite from whatever troubled them. As a child I could only “give them a fish” so to speak, but as an adult with the help of massage,  Reiki and soul healing through the Akashic records, I can “teach them to fish!”

I’ve been a Massage Therapist since 2010. I first worked with a Chiropractor and gained a wealth of knowledge, well beyond what I learned in school; but It was my time at Massage Envy that made me a Therapist.  I’ve worked on everyone from professional athletes to stay-at-home parents and everyone in between. The clients I’ve met and the therapists I’ve worked with have irrevocably changed my life for the better and I’m eternally grateful. After leaving Massage Envy I was the lead therapist at a locally owned Medical spa.

In 2016 I found myself feeling professionally lost and not knowing which road to take next. Reiki and soul healing through the Akashic records lead me back to the path I’m meant to follow and offered me the tools to save myself and help others as well. I soon became a Reiki Master and Soul Healing Facilitator, training under the highly gifted and enlightened Elasa Tina Tiernan at solTERRA Wellness.  I continue to be astounded by the numerous benefits these healing arts offer! Armed with these tools, I’m so excited and thankful to be a part of your journey to wellness.

More on Tatika at her website: www.studio1022 Holistic Wellness LLC.

Matt Coleman

Matt has been a professional psychic reader for 24 years. He’s an author, life coach, intuitive counselor, and a QiGong master as well. He’s well-read on many subjects and he very easily channels information from Higher Consciousness. Matt has taught many classes and has much experience facilitating discussion in a group setting. He enjoys teaching and treats all questions with utmost respect. It would be his honor to assist you in any way he can.

My Crystal Journey

My earliest encounter, that I can recall, with crystals was when I was about 9 years old. I remember hunting for pieces of Amethyst on the coast in Nova Scotia, Canada. I always have had a few around or worn them but, not again until a friend did some healing work on my son, did I start working with crystals more. Then once again when I was pregnant I had a crystal therapy session from the same friend and it was the first night in 9 months that I actually slept and didn’t feel ill. I became more and more surrounded by healers and crystals. They kept presenting themselves to me. I began to dive deeper into the beautiful world of crystals, eventually becoming certified as a Crystal Healer. I work with food relationships and fitness in my practice and wanted a deeper more soulful way to help my clients. What better way than to help my clients deepen their health journey than to provide a way for them to deepen their relationship with themselves. Healing on all levels. Mind, Body, Spirit.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a non-invasive,  vibrational energy-based form of healing that draws out negative energy, protects against dis-ease and helps the body find it’s natural rhythm. It treats the whole person and their integrated energy system improving Qi and overall well being. Crystals absorb, focus, redirect, detoxify, and diffuse energy as they interact with the electromagnetic forces and subtle vibrations within the subtle human or environmental energy field. Crystal Healers work with crystals and channel energy into and through them in order to activate the different healing layouts allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out. For healers, illness is dis-ease, a final culmination of spiritual, environmental, physiological, psychological,  or karmic  distress. Healing means improving Qi by bringing mind, body, spirit and environment back into harmony and balance. It is meant to aid and assist not replace any necessary medical or therapy treatments you may be receiving.

How does it Work?

Did you know that Crystals can absorb an indefinite amount of energy and that most people use them every day without even knowing it?

Crystals have been used as far back as 6000 years to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Romans, the Chinese, Indians, Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Japanese have used them to promote healing and enlightenment.

Let’s look at Quartz. Quartz is used in transistors, all computer chips, watches, optical filters, telephones and advanced electronic systems. Crystals transmit, move, clear and send energy, energy is Qi, Qi is lifeforce. When we have stagnation in our Qi that is when illness and dis-ease creep in. Using meridians and chakra points crystals will be laid out to help assist in creating a positive flow of Qi, energy throughout and surrounding your body. They will clear stagnation and blockages in the organs attached to the meridians and the energy pathways returning your body back to a balanced state.

What to expect:

We chat for a bit and review your history and what you are seeking from our time together. You will be made comfortable on a treatment table, bed or floor and asked to close your eyes to achieve greater healing. Using the knowledge that I gain through our chat, intuition and specific crystal layouts and grids I will place crystals in specific spots on and around your body. You will notice symbols of the four elements (fire, air, water and earth) in our space. We may work with some positive statements and intention setting as well as sound healing and  aromatherapy. The crystals will remain in place while you relax and breathe, you may even fall asleep. This could be anywhere from 15- 30 minutes. I may adjust or add crystals during this time.

You may feel emotions arise, yawning, crying, laughing, a tingling sensation, sneezing or just a deep sense of relaxation. This is perfect as it is the bodies way of clearing old , unneeded energy and making room for new healing energy. When our session is over the crystals will be removed and you will slowly wake and come back into yourself and we will spend a minute chatting about your experience. When you leave all you need to do is marinate in the warmth and relaxation your body is feeling and be open to the new possibilities in your body.

Benefits of Crystal Healing:

Empowering the body’s natural ability to heal

Protection and shielding from negative energy

Enhance meditations

Release of “old” emotions

Relieve and release stress

Stop burn out and energy depletion

Restore the energy structure to your body and mind

Stimulate healing, personal growth and spiritual development

Improve your health and rejuvenate your body by stimulating the energy flow through your meridians

Transmute unwanted information that may be locked in your bones, tissues and unconscious mind

Ground you and connect you to Mother Earth

Relief from aches and pains

More energy

A release of “old” emotions

Create a sense of well being and balance

Crystal Healing session with Meka – $80 for a 1 hour session


Tasha C. McBride R.D.H.
Holistic Wellness Guide
Aromatouch Practitioner CERT.
Reiki Practitioner CERT.
Ordained Minister/Ceremony Officiant
Holistic Wellness Consults: ☆Complementary☆
Aromatouch Treatment:
Within SolTERRA
☆Full: $75     ☆Hand:$25
In Your Home
Within SolTERRA:  $125
In Your Home: $175
Distance: $75
Marriage/Union Rehearsal & Ceremonial Fee
 Nature Loving, Florida Native. Ever Expanding Being. Passionate About Helping Others Discover Their Essential Pieces of Holistic Wellness.
Health is Your Journey. Wellness Is The Destination…
☆Be Well☆
All is Love. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.