Rainbow Endocrine Chakra Cleanse 12-36 days

What a wonderful opportunity for great intentions to be actualized with a comprehensive Rainbow Cleansing Practice! For those of you are beginning the Cleanse and Restore Kit from your new doTERRA Account use these exercises daily in am practicec, as well as use the audio at

Rainbow Cleansing Meditation Booklet download now for 12 to 36 day cleansing guide for meditation exercises.

This booklet will offer you a guide to set intentions for wisdom, balance, and alignment of your endocrine system. We are all made of up of unseen energies that create energy centers called chakras, which are along the spine and feed energies to our physical bodies. The physical manifestation of each chakra center is an ENDOCRINE GLAND. So for this booklet we will focus on the colors and the corresponding endocrine gland balance and expression for balance. When we are unable to fully digest our emotions, thoughts, or foods our chakras and endocrine system can become out of balance. This booklet offers you simple instructions for in meditation focus and out of meditation daily awareness topics.

Find a comfortable place in nature or a special place in your home, and allow yourself to slow down your breath and thoughts as we start with a focus on each endocrine gland and colors that assist their balance. Then you will spend a few moments of intention setting toward wisdom, balance and strength of each focused upon endocrine component(s).

This amazing simple practice blends after meditation daily focus of whole foods to eat, and other tid bits for fun recognition and extra energies added to the intentions of the day.

Meditation: For each meditation experience, read the suggestions, and hold an intention for each gland then close your eyes and take deep belly breathes as you either imagine the suggestion taking place, or listening within to your body as it speaks and shows you anything that it wants you to become aware of. Once you have done the suggested exercises, allow for 5 mins of deep belly breathing while repeating inside your head, “I am balanced in all areas of my body, mind, and soul.” I would also suggest journaling your experiences daily.

At the completion of your Rainbow Cleanse you will be amazed at the multilevel transformation you will have encountered, and by reading back on your journal entries you will be able to have yet another perspective of just how much you have shifted through your cleanse.

**The Rainbow Cleansing Meditation is designed for 12 days of the sequence below, and then to repeat it over again if your cleanse last longer than 12 days.

Rainbow-Cleansing-Meditation-Booklet now for 12 to 36 day cleansing guide for meditation exercises.

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