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February 16th, 2017

What we use in our homes for daily wellness has many twists an turns to meet the needs of the day, and the changing of our inner tides. We are emotional beings for sure! With a husband who is quitting a vice, a daughter who is 6 going on 13, and myself who is wildly able to feel the world…the remedies change like the emotional tides for sure, while some stay the same.

Today I started my day with a quick 1 drop of balance to my feet (big toes), to ground me front and center in my body and to my daily movements. I began my daily affirmations and gratitude rants as followed: “today will be a great day, every thing always works in my favor and my perception is forever clear. Every thing is working our for me. Miracles come through me and surround me. Solutions are continual stream from my being. My family is balanced, and in harmony with themselves, with their world, and with each other. I am fully grounded staff to source with higher self light. I am source from source. I radiate new levels of love in every direction…..and on and on.”

I reached for my tall glass of Mountain Valley Spring Water, which is delivered from Utah in glass bottles. I look out the the ocean and beach waves rolling.

Later after organic bowl of fruit and grains free of gluten, I go to my round circle of super food supplemental, and have my doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Supplement Pack (complete ready to digest and absorb super foods and veggies, omega fish sources, essential oils, and herbal remedy). I have a drop of Frankincense under my tongue and I put a drop to my palm smell and bring to face for gentle massage.

I feel a pull emotionally to my essential oil case and see JUNIPER BERRY pull out. Knowing that Juniper Berry is wonderful for clearing darkness and creating a center in light within the dark night, I feel already soothed before I even bring the juniper essence to my nose and chest. So I bring this essence to my am practice of yoga, prayer, meditation, inspiring read, and a swift windy walk along the beach shore.

I shirt the perimeter of our home to tend to the many seeds in the garden, and move away any debris within reach so that our flow is felt in all directions.

I send my daughter off to Waldorf School, where she is held in a space of perseverance of innocence and wonder, while giving thanks to the natural spirits and the soul of the school. Before she leaves she has her doTERRA MultiVitamin, pbASSIST Probiotic, homeopathic frequency tinctures, her NEW lymphatic roll on remedy in 10 ml roll on of 5-6 drops of doTERRA Lime, doTERRA Arborvitae, and doTERRA Helichrysum topped off with fractionated coconut oil. I apply this to her neck and gently apply reiki for 1 min, reminding her to have an amazing day.

I remind Daniel to choose new morning habits to tap into for daily practice and discipline so that his old vice becomes a distance memory. Like how about a dive in the am ocean!

We also make sure Daniel has doTERRA helichrysum, doTERRA frankincense, doTERRA OnGuard and doTERRA rose to his foot, under a dry wrap from a stepping on a nail from a day before. Which by the way this is day 3 and it looks amazing and clear.

We will have a mid day Green Smoothie at some point daily (fresh fruit mainly blueberries, coconut milk, Power Shake Super Greens, Moringa Power from our trees at the center, hemp hearts, bee pollen, and Alkaline Water).

The day is not done I am sure of easy to reach for earth gift goodness, however this blog is…have a wonderful day and please feel free to share your TODAY REMEDY and ask any questions.
In joy, Elasa

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