March 2017 PROMOS

Free Product of the month:

200PV Single order all month long!!!

Deep Blue Roll-on and Deep Blue Rub–what???! Wow

To learn more about how to use your new products got to step 7: Uses.

Setting up your doTERRA LRP Monthly Autoship

to get FREE OIL of the month:

Log on to

Type in your ID number from doTERRA and your password.

Click on EDIT LRP Cart

Make sure your order is shipped by the 15th and at 125PV

Here is a short tutorial how to set up your monthly LRP Cart to 125PV so that you get the free oil that month.


When you opt-IN to doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program you accrue 10-30% points back each month that your order is 50PV or more. You can use those points towards FREE products! Pretty awesome, right! When you have been with doTERRA Wholesale Membership for 13 months you get the max 30% back on each month order. So when I spend 100PV, I get 30PV points the following month to use towards free product.