**Opt-in to the monthly lifestyle membership called**

Loyalty Rewards Program!

(Check out the 2 videos below for more details or ask us)

First of all this opt in monthly Lifestyle LRP Membership is FREE!!

All you need to do is opt in and create LRP Cart with 1 item a month and you are in!!

What they qualifies you for is being able to get the free oil of the month, and you will be able to get up to 30% back in points each month which is like CASH for your following month to order new items you want to try or to build up your oil supply.

All while getting 25% off prices! Major deals, esp if you are into thinking about what could you order from your new doTERRA Account rather than getting from a store, sounds like a no brainer to me.

Also when you join our solTERRA Wellness Community you will also receive:

++Receive 2 free wellness consults and suggested wellness plans

++Join a community of natural solutions users in palm harbor Florida, and on facebook private shareTERRA Community Group

++Access to continued wellness and essential oil education live and online

++++Mentoring for those who choose to share the build a Natural Solutions Biz.

90 Day Wellness Lifestyle Challenge: For those who sign up for 100point orders a month you will get FREE Modern Essential Book, and if you set up your 90day  Wellness Lifestyle Plan to truly know what wellness lifestyle is inside body and in the home, we also gift you a 1000 sq ft diffuser!!

Ok so now lets take a look deeper into how to get the FREE Stuff with your new doTERRA Monthly Membership Opted in access. Step 6:Free Oil of the Month, and Free points!

If you do not have an account JOIN AND SAVE NOW

And if you already have an account with doTERRA go to your http://www.mydoterra.com account type in your ID and password, and set-up your LRP Cart at the shop page.