Before you pick the just right fit Natural Solutions Essential Oil Kit, please watch and learn about some suggestions for using them in your daily routine and making the products a part of your lifestyle.

How can you eliminate synthetics from your home, skin care, hair care, cleaning, and from your BODY…when we think about how many ways we can upgrade our daily routines to include new habits, and products that will offer wellness and cleanse our body and home, there are many!

So grab a note pad, Wellness-Plan-1-2n, and lean into this short video thinking about where you want to start with doTERRA, and how you want to play with them in your entire lifestyle.

And when you are through with the video check out the doterra_com_US_en_pl_enrollment_kits to see which one fits your needs, if there is something missing from a kit that is a MUST get look over the product-list-wholesale USA_Product_Guide_2015_new-1.