Wellness Sessions

sol Wellness-Intake-Form-2017  (fill out for first session)

** High Vibe Natural Solutions will be recommended after session and opportunity to purchase after session. We offer a 30% discount at session for those who opt-in to the Natural Solutions Wholesale Account created for remedy purchase and drop ship delivery to your door (2-3 business days).

Soul Session: This is a unique session which accesses General Consciousness/Soul/Body to clear, integrate, or/and expand energies within to assist with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. Accessing body wisdom, akashic records, and soul guidance. Higher recommended that your first session must be hour. Elasa will also send you an audio of the assignments completed in the session to be used again and again for home meditation self healing practice.

For distance sessions they may be 30 min sessions.

All Soul Sessions also receive an audio of the session assignments to their cell or email after session.

Soul Session Rates and Packages

Aromatouch Session: Well being session using specific 8 essential oils applicated to the spine, ears and feet. Relaxing session aimed at keeping well, balanced and supported. Monthly recommended for overall wellbeing. $60/30-45min

CranioReiki Session: This session is a quite session with off the body Reiki energy transmissions, and craniosacral reiki facilitated with healing colored rays of light guidance. This session can be life changing and allow for new levels of peace, space in the body-mind, connection with the absolute you SOUL light and essence. Intentions can be made prior to session so that as the flow of energy begins to circulate in forward clockwise directions intentions can be fed light for actualization and higher level realizations. $55/30min or $80/hr

Child Wellness Session– A gentle session using Cranio-Reiki, yoga, and chakra color breathing to allow for children to deepen their sense of self, know their body in space, and offer home techniques to assist with emotional/mental/physical balance and well being. $60/30min

Wellness Consults/Plans– This session is done with all clients seeking wellness empowerment, natural solutions, and education on how to muscle test to know what is right for you regarding wellness plan of care to be done by client at home. Free/30min or come in for Monday 12-1pm Wellness Plan Class

ALL SESSIONS: Please fill out  sol Wellness-Intake-Form-2017and bring into session, as well as please send Elasasherbs@gmail.com 3-5 focus topics for your session, on what you would like to work on pertaining to anything physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and even land/homes/business.

ALL SESSIONS INCLUDE A WELLNESS CONSULT, AND all suggested natural remedies and solutions are offered to clients at wholesale prices with set up of Wellness Advocate doTERRA Membership. You can visit our online Natural Solutions doTERRA Store at http://www.mydoterra.com/solterra .

Once your Natural Solutions doTERRA Membership is created your will be able to order at your own portal at http://www.doterra.com and receive 25% all products and have them always drop shipped to your door.


Private Soul Coaching with Elasa: Activate Life within a Life!

Receive: all Living Life Wide Open Courses to Assist thyself and if you desire to assist others.

Receive 4 Private Coaching Calls, to clear out the cobwebs of shadow and sabotaging programs,
receive tailored Soul Guidance from Elasa on what is being asked for as your daily practice for Soul
Grounding and Integration.

Be added to support groups, and online Illuminating the Shadow Training 4 week course work which will give us the conscious information that you assist to pull up as a gateway to pull up what is unconscious to Elasa’s Intuition for private assistance to fully cleanse, clear and rewrite what you are truly ready for.

Elasa will also be giving you personal assignments each week to point you toward your full realization of greatness, and instructions on what your new daily practice will include. Wellness Plan will also be suggested for each of shifts and easy bigger being alignment.

This month long coaching is invaluable when your find yourself awake, clear, and refined in a way that your big vision goals begin to rapidly activate.

$4000 for 4 Week Intensive with Elasa

Pregnancy and Postpartum Healing Services for Mama and Baby

Pregnancy CranioREIKI:

This session for mama allows for any anxious feelings to wash away, and for the tissues around baby to soften and give space to baby to feel held with ease. Through the healing art of CranioSacral, the practitioner is able to gently open space for the cranium and sacrum to align and balance. While the energy that is offered through the REIKI mama and baby can communicate through light waves, and the energetic chakras and meridians find ways to release any stagnant energies.


Empowerment Pregnancy Photos:

This photo shoot allows for mama to capture this beautiful space and time, and gives the mama an empowerment moment to be scene in her full belly radiant and beautiful.


Healing Basket:

Healing Crystal

Healing aromatherapy necklace for mama

Non-toxic natural beginning toys

3 Essential Oil Roll-ons for Mama to be:

Pregnancy Comfort Essential Oil roll-on, Labor Easy Delivery Roll on and Baby Healing Roll On.

Sits Bath

Organic Pads

Natural Birth Binder


Baby’s Birth Chart:

Know your child from the perspective of their astrology chart.


Natural Birthing, Wellness Plan and Postpartum Coaching:

For this time together we will coach you on your journey into Natural Wellness and Natural Family Care for the new light that is entering your life. Depending on when you arrive for these services we will meet you at that next step with a plan to weave into your birth plan, and beyond for smooth intuitive care of new baby.


Receive all of the above plus 2 additional sessions of your choice $600