When I first woke up true wellness, I began to realize that what I was seeing outside of myself was a reflection of what I was feeling and had stored within myself. We are a walking bio-computer storing what see, hear, are told, conditioned to, felt, and began to know usually from early in utero, and pre-6 years old. I began to see that if I spent time in meditation and asked pre-meditation questions within myself looking to SOUL Wisdom for the answers, all that I would ask the Soul would be spot on, and when I needed help to change the path of my life, my Soul’s Inner Voice had all of the directions.

I can remember when i was in my early 20’s sitting in my florida room getting ready to meditate and saying to myself what is causing this pain in my chest, and why am I constantly attracting partners who are not ready for commitment, not expecting to get an answer my inner voice said your father, and then a scene popped into my head of my father leaving my mother. I was so intrigued that all I had to do was ask the Soul and this very reasonable answer and scene popped up, so fast. Then I asked, “What now, how can I let this pain go, and bring forth true love?” I then saw my mother crying and my father crying, and I heard forgive. As I sent forgiveness light to my heart, to my parents, and to my entire being, the pain melted away, and tears fell down my cheek. I then said what now to my Soul, and heard, ” Rewrite your childhood and see your parents always loving each other at the Soul Level, even though their earthly selves may have parted, their Soul’s remain in love for the creation of you binds them so.” So I did, and this my dear friends was the beginning of a whole new life, full of dreams come true, of new scenes to be written with new understandings of what we are doing here in earth school. I learned that as we forgive early misunderstandings of love, of life, of true wellness, and our abundant higher abilities to bring more eternal life force, and new scenes, we can change our lives for the better, and we can heal eons of old patterns that have been handed down one generation to another.

Assignments, Tips and Focus Assistance for Soul Time Within:
This Bliss Soul Inner Retreat is intended for you to retreat, expand, and re-wire yourself to be able to come to life more present, more aware of higher self, and access new states of Bliss through practices.
You may go through rare emotions, thought processes, and have ah-ha moments that seem extra-ordinary during these practices, for there has been and is much assistance for you always as you bow down to the soul you are and intentionally practice your inner gifts.

Below are personal tips and assignments to sit with during this self retreat for reflection and focus during your meditation experiences. The more attention you give to them, and take the time to reflect, the more you will be able to fully integrate the Soul Light into your being which will bring more clarity, easier manifestations to come, and more bliss into your life.

CHAKRAS or Wheels of Energy and Light that feed the physical form along your spine bottom to top:
Below is a list of the first 7 chakras to focus questions for the self retreat to assist with contemplation and making intentions to assist with stabilizing Soul Light within the body, and grow super consciously. So take a seat and retreat within today or this evening asking your Soul to answer through visions, thoughts, words, sounds, feelings, and knowings the answer to each question. Journal your answers for even more clarity to come forth. And if you do not get any answers just yet, know that the question itself calls forth the BALANCE and answer to come possibly later in the day or even in a dream.

Root (When this energy center is stable you are ability to feel grounded, supported, basic needs met, in the body, and stable) What in your life brings you stability? Where do you feel most grounded and supported? Are you grounded in your body? Do you have a practice to assist with grounding you in your body?
Sacral (When stable you are ability to process all emotions consciously so that they do not implode or explode on someone or something in your life) Are their unprocessed emotions within you around a certain topic? Do you take time to process these emotions daily with a practice or some type of healthy release? Do you know where a certain unprocessed emotion began to suppress in your life or early childhood? Are there unspoken words that need to be said to someone in a letter(that you do not need to send ever), to their Soul in meditation?
Soul-ar Plexus (When stable you are owning your personal power and your presence maintains this power with confidence and self esteem high, you do not feel the need to take or give away this power, and instead know the power of connecting daily with your Soul and Source to fill up from within) Are you powering your own projects or everyone else’s needs? Are you taking power from others through control or unaware manipulation? Are you allowing anyone to manipulate or control your joy and power? Can you now call back all your personal power from others that you do not need to be powering, and let them know that they have their own power within, and can you give back others power now?
Heart (When balanced and stable you have unconditional love and compassion for all beings, however you also do not give yourself away completely you love yourself enough to know when to give and when not giving is an empowered lesson for another to also find their own inner resources) Do you give unconditionally without attachment to the outcome? Are you able to receive? Do you love yourself and your Source first and foremost so that you can give love to others with an unconditional way? Do you feel that others can give you joy, or do you know that your higher love is what truly brings you joy and love?
Throat (When balanced you are able to communicate your Soul thoughts and ideas, you are able to verbalize your feelings in a conscious way not to explode on another but to take responsibility for what you are feeling and with no blame report, and then in a private moment release what emotion remains and find the core moment in time that is causing this emotion to resurface in your life) Are you holding in words from childhood that need to be said to let your inner child know that he or she is supported and respected? Are you holding on to words that need to be said to your self or others? Are you able to let others speak and really listen to them without having your next thought ready to be said, can you listen? Ca you listen within?
Third Eye (When balanced you use your inner clair-abilites with discernment, ethics, respect for privacy, and follow your intuition, you also make your Soul/Super conscious mind the director of your life) Do you trust your intuitions? Are you have to ask within for what the highest action is for all involved? Do you ask within if it is appropriate to assist another or listen to another consciousness? Do you allow yourself to use your imagination? Do you practice moving energy within your being when a part feels shut down, by meditation, breathing and visualizing? Do you dream big?
Crown/Fourth Eye (When balanced you check within daily and multiple times a day for higher guidance, wisdom, greater understanding that leads to neutrality, and practice coming to stillness within) Are you practicing coming to stillness and center at least once daily? Do you practice asking a higher source guidance and direction? Do you treat all as you, and know that you are in all things? Do you come to neutrality easily? Can you bring your mind to stillness and connect to all?
Also it is recommended to walk the labyrinth with these tips in heart and mind. As you walk INTO the labyrinth review what you are releasing, as you stand or sit in the center receive more Soul and Source Light to assist you with what you want to bring in to replace what you are letting go of. And As you walk OUT of the labyrinth KNOW what you were intending to bring into your life has manifested already with great trust and inner knowing.

So with the Soul Message and the chakra insights, formulate what you are intending to release now and fully harvest to make room for what new growth, meaning what are you intending to also manifest in your life as a Blissful Soul Being.
I intend to release_____________________________________________________________.
I intend to bring in and manifest___________________________________________________.

Positive Phrase:
Choose a positive phrase or affirmation for today when you are idle that you can repeat in silence. For instance “ I am Soul, I am Bliss, I am love, I am light, I am joy, I am divine design.” Your postive phrase: _____________________________.

Take time daily to Bliss Soul Retreat Within! I suggest this be done in early am, or at sunset. Until next time. Know that all is possible, you are eternally Soul, and you are the co-creator of this magical life.

From all sides of my heart and from the depth of my Soul Essence, I am humbly thankful for your willingness to come together to share light, and open deeper to knowing Soul YOU!

Eternal Gratitude,

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