Elasa Tiernan

Soul Coach and Wellnes Advocate

Elasa  earned a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences with a focus on Occupational Therapy, 2000.  Elasa furthered her western medicine education with training in: Reiki: 1-5, Advanced CranioSacral Therapy, Pediatric CranioSacral Therapy, Pranic Healing, Polarity Therapy, Body Kinesiology, Vibrational Medicines, Soul Trans personal Psychology, and Essential Oil Advocacy. Elasa has many passions and loves to find ways to stay in touch with all of them.  Her passion to empower others with wellness and self care has woven into her path over 15 years of Wellness Centers and Holistic Educations to other health practitioners.  Through self-discovery, meditation, and practice she developed Soul trainings and techniques using body scanning and dialoguing with the inner physician. Elasa’s sessions are comprehensive with her ability to find the common thread in all techniques to offer to her clients so that they feel comfortable and empowered through their session.  Clients walk away with a greater understanding of the body-mind and its innate ability to come in to balance.

Elasa is also an Essential Oil Wellness Advocate alongside her husband, Daniel, offering Essential Oil Classes and Wellness Consultations. The plant medicine’s ability to assist any health concern, on all levels, gives Elasa a favorite tool to recommend for her clients post sessions for continued health remedies to address their IN-Home Health Care. Elasa loves to weave together all the tools in her cabinet and allow the perfection of what is relevant and needed to show up in her offerings.

Elasa welcomes children and families to experience CranioSacral Therapy at any stage of birthing process and beyond. Her love for CranioSacral and for its ability to meet each individual where they are, and find core conception points of possible trauma, disconnect, or misunderstanding, has kept this modality at the foundation level of all her sessions. For children in utero and beyond, Elasa loves to hold space for a simple 30 minute Craniosacral Therapy Session so that they may be offered simple physical and emotional balancing techniques for overall well being. For a child or mama who may have had a traumatic birthing experience, CranioSacral Therapy offers a safe space to revisit and then rewrite for overall tensions to release from that time and allow the body-mind to remember ease at birth. Our birth story holds many keys to basic emotional and physical balance.  When the body is ready to revisit this moment in time, we naturally begin to think about it for review. When complete, our lives can reach new heights and we can reset our body-mind for new experiences to come forth in all areas of life.

Craniosacral Therapy also offers any client the opportunity to bring well being and balance to any area of life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relationships, wealth, career, path, and beyond. Through many years of practice Elasa  found that the wisdom of the Soul can be called up and accessed through any of her modality training.  For those who are interested in diving deeper into their own psyche, Soul Sessions are recommended. Each Soul Session is unique to the individual goals for the session, and to the individual’s Soul wisdom.  Soul Sessions offer meditation and inner dialoguing techniques, as well as body kinesiology training so that each client can become a Master of Self, and be able to access inner truth and co-create their lives to greatness.

Book a Session with Elasa Now at solTERRA Wellness 1017 Illinos Ave. Palm Harbor, FL or for a Distance Session for People who aren’t Local

Elasa also has a great knack for assisting anyone with feeling comfortable in their body and their surroundings. She is a Feng Shui Consultant, Master Grid Setter for Community Building and overall design and flow of energy.  Her current love is assisting with Palm Harbor, Florida Calm-Unity at solTERRA Wellness Center and Bliss Store, Edible Gardens, Radiant Being Healing Hub, Y.O.G.A Children Camp, Bliss Tree (Moringa) Outreach Programs, and Sustainable Living Programs.

As mother to Aliyah Ray and partner to Daniel Sherbs, her family comes first and this amazing trio’s interactions and insights assist with the teachings and lifestyle practices that birth from their core and natural rhythms of love, creative essence, and awareness of the magical energy available in an optimistic attitude and presence. Their connection as a family reminds them that it is through CONNECTION that heals our hearts and minds, and they find it part of their family path to be part of calm-unity where every they go.

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