Daniel Sherbs

Building and Remodeling

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations

Moringa (Tree of Life)

Building and Remodeling

Daniel has been in the home building and remodeling industry for 13 years and offers construction services in the Tampa Bay area.  As he is passionate about using eco-friendly building materials and methods, he helps his customers to make better decisions during their building and remodeling projects.  He has designed and built his own home in WV using state-of-the-art building methods to maximize energy efficiency.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Daniel offers Sunday Bowl Service, where 8 Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are in service to you and the community.  Come and feel the profound effects of these sound crystal vibrations.  These Bowls are profound instruments of the Divine and are highly effective at assisting in healing, awakening, and deepening the connection to Self.

Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

Along with the passion for growing food and connecting with the plant kingdom, Daniel has found his and his family’s lives profoundly improved through the use of Essential Oils.  These are pure and potent plant extracts that can help to keep us all in a state of overall health and well-being. He and his wife Elasa, founders and co-creators of solTERRA Wellness Center and Bliss Store, offer themselves in service to the community as Wellness Advocates.  We offer classes, workshops and one on one consultations on how to utilize these incredible essential oils and wellness products.